Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beetel Magiq Review

Beetel has launched the Magiq tab on 17th August 2011. It started selling the tab at retail outlets for a price of Rs. 9999. The key features and the specifications of this tab are given below.

Key features :

    • Processor Speed - 1GHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon)
    • Android 2.2 (Upgradable to 2.3)
    • 7.0" WVGA Screen (Resistive touch screen with stylus)
    • Dual Camera - (2MP + 2MP)
    • Comfy Stand
    • Track Pad
    • Android Market (Free Apps)

7" WVGA TFT Resistive Touch Screen
480x800 Resolution
Android 2.2 (Froyo)
3G Wireless
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Dual Camera - 2MP/2MP
2200 mAh Battery
External Memory Support - up to 16GB
Internal Memory - 8GB
1Ghz Snapdragon Processor
Android Market
Stereo Speaker
Comfort Stand
HD Playback
3.5mm Jack
Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
Flash Support

It does not have HDMI port as the Beetel website shows nor is it a capacitive touch screen device as the Beetel customer care claims. But it does come with a 2 month free 3G data usage of 2GB each month on the first Airtel sim inserted. This offer is valid till 20th Nov 2011.

Here is my video of the on hands review of Beetel Magiq Android 3G Tablet.

Pictures of the Tab:

Magiq Tab with box 1

Magiq Tab with box 2

Magiq Tab front on floor

Magiq Tab back on floor

Magiq Tab front on stand

Magiq Tab back on stand

More updates and videos soon. Meanwhile if you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to post them in the comments (If you have any question or if you want more information, please check the comments. I have answered few questions and added some information in the comments section.).


  1. hi nice post
    but show the flash function by showing live tv?
    what is the memory seperated for applications,?
    battery backup,?
    demo 2g and 3g calling?
    what about screen resolution is it ok?
    touch sensitivity ?

  2. Thanks for your feedback. I will try to cover these in the next part of the video. I updated the screen resolution in the specs.

  3. hi friend nice review ......
    can you tell me from where i can by this tab.
    I have already try everywhere but only get one ans not avaliable..............
    pls help me my mail id is

  4. You can choose the dealer from this webpage of beetel:

    I did the same. Hope this helps.

  5. I also try this but same answer that no avaliable at present time & not sure that how much time it take for avaliablity..........
    I feel really low and sad..............

  6. also call on beetel toll free number and get answer that tab is not launch in rajasthan circle... yet

  7. I could buy it in bangalore. Probably you can try from delhi, I guess this would be the nearest to you.

  8. I would like to know about :
    1. Practical battery backup on 3g and widout 3g
    2. Is it a multi touch or atleast two point touch ??
    3. Can it be rooted to 2.3 gingerbread (it ll help fr performance)
    4. Where can i buy it online??? or any other source.
    5. Can u mail me ur mob no. if u dont mind.. Email id:
    6. warranty ?
    Note: m serious about buying needed ur contact or mail id...

    One more thing..
    Can u review its flash support..
    what version of flash it can support??
    for ex: flash games in browser,high end flash websites, video hoating sites..
    plz if u could even post as ur reply..
    it ll b helpfull..

  9. 1. I am yet to insert a sim. I have one now and waiting for activation. The other battery statistics are updated in youtube comments of my video.
    2. It is not a capacitive screen so no multitouch.
    3. Beetel is supposed to upgrade it to 2.3.
    4. You can't buy it online but can search for your nearest dealer (I provided the link in earlier post)
    5. You can ask your questions here, I can answer them and it would be helpful to others.
    6. 1 Year warranty is what I remember the retailer told me, but I cannot see anything in the box that talks about the warranty.
    7. It can support flash (android 2.2 has the support) and I could install adobe flash 10.3 also.

  10. I would call all the dealers of Delhi as shown on site but they said that it is not available in Delhi yet.
    but thanks buddy for your support and video about tab.
    if any other information u get about this then pls mail me.(mail id in earlier post)
    once again thanks..............

  11. Hi Dude...

    How do you rate it out of 10??

    is it worth to buy???

    Vishwanath H R

  12. Thanx for reply..
    Still my last two questions..

    1. How is flash in browser experience..does it render well..Try an image editing website in flash..

    2. Can we change the battery to a higher mAh
    hmm? they may be available in market..

    plz answer these...

  13. does beetel magic has inbuilt quickoffice application?? Does it has inbuilt gps??does beetel magic has inbuilt quickoffice application?? Does it has inbuilt gps??

  14. @Sam It has both GPS and office applications.

    @nkatkamwar I will try to check the website you suggested and update the results. And regarding the battery, I am not satisfied with it. Probably it needs a bigger battery. I have to and want to check if its available in the market. Do let me know if you have any details about this.

    @Vishwanath I would rate it 7-8. The only thing that disappointed me till now is the battery(not even the resistive touch screen).



  16. thanks for the detailed review, wanted to know if it runs adobe e book reader and what is the standard rate is it selling on box price because in hyd they were offering it for 9200 also, though as of today stocks had run out in several shops. has anybody purchased it cheaper than 9200. Also kindly tell me if mercury mtab is available in any city in india, if so whether on box rate or at a lesser price. It would be nice if somebody did a review on mercury mtab too, the specs it has are pretty good and it is cheaper than beetel. Also adam notionink seems to be a good option at a little extra cost,but is only available abroad, though it is a bangalore based coy. Has anybody managed to purchase it in india and which place is it available at.

  17. Guys..Go for Spice MI 720 (7" tablet) with Capacitive touch screen, Gravity sensor, High Performance battery..Price is Rs. 11,999-00.
    I bought one really amazing stuff..

  18. Battery s the biggest disappointment. please let me know if I can get a better one in the market

  19. please tell me whether i can make skype video chat on beetel magiq?